"To be World Class Port with Excellent Logistics Services for Sustainable Growth in 2030"  
Strategic Positions of the ports under the PAT’s supervision  
  • Bangkok Port :
    “To be a world-class river port providing excellent and value-added services to support national trade”
  • Laem Chabang Port :
    “To be the world’s leading port ensuring seamless connection of logistics chain and global trade”
  • Chiang Saen Commercial Port and Chiang Khong Port :
    “To be the waterway transport hub in the Greater Mekong Sub-region complying with port standards”
  • Ranong Port :
    “To be the main gateway to the Andaman Sea complying with port standard”
“Good Governance, Superior Service, Innovativeness, Environmental Care, Unity”
  1. Developing port management system to meet world-class standards for being the key
    mechanism driving the country’s economy and promoting the country’s competitiveness
  2. Moving towards Intermodal Transport Hub linking logistics systems across domestic and
    international transport networks and becoming the logistics hub linking the global economy
  3. Maximizing asset utilization to generate added value to business and gain proper rate of
    return ensuring the organizational growth
  4. Enhancing organizational performance to be the best-in-class of services and operations
  5. Increasing popularity and recognition among stakeholders and surrounding communities as
    port operator that plays a vital role in development of country for sustainable growth and livelihoods
Strategic Theme  
  1. Developing and managing its ports to meet world-class standards
  2. Becoming a Gateway and Intermodal Transport Hub
  3. Generating added value through Asset Management
  4. Improving performance with best-in-class services and operations
       To achieve strategic objectives, KPIs and corporate goals, the PAT has defined strategic activities as theoperational guidelines for fiscal year 2019-2023 as follows:
Strategy 1 : To develop and manage the Port to meet world-class standards, supporting the
                    implementation of the core business to enhance competitiveness
Strategy 2 : To develop and expand its core business and port-related business linking
                    shipping and logistics system, as well as to encourage the development of
                    country’s port business and economy
Strategy 3 : To generate highest value and return through effective assets management by
                    establishing subsidiaries  
Strategy 4 : To focus on offensive marketing and integrated service offering to meet
                    customers’ satisfaction
Strategy 5 : To improve operational procedures through information technology adoption
Strategy 6 : To pursue an effective management of human resources that corresponds to its
                    mission while keeping pace with the tide of changes
Strategy 7 : To ensure its financial management is up-to-date, efficient, and in compliance
                    with standards and organization development plans   
Strategy 8 : To improve its operations and services to meet international standards, while
                    promoting innovation and good corporate governance to secure popularity and
                    recognition among stakeholders